Date/Time: 2016-07-25 21:23 (UTC)Posted by: [personal profile] amyfortuna
amyfortuna: (Galadriel Queen)
So it's best that I include prompts for both the relationship I want and the individual characters? What if I'm only interested in the relationships and don't want fic focused on just one of the characters?

That's what the category selection should take care of. It's best to separate your gen requests from your ship requests, and possibly put different kinds of ships in different requests as well. It's just that you are only guaranteed to actually match to at least one character (you might request 5 characters, but the person who I match you to might only have offered one of them).

For instance, let's say you wanted fic about Maglor, Anairë, Fingolfin, Nerdanel, and Ulmo. You only want gen for Ulmo, so you would put him in his own request and only select the category gen for that request.

You're fine with f/f about Anairë and Nerdanel, though not necessarily with each other. You would put them both in their own request and tick f/f for them. You'd then specify in optional details or your letter who you'd like them shipped with, and when I'm matching, I'll try to ensure you get someone who has a good chance of at least being open to writing that for you. (Or, you know, one of your requests, might not be this one.)

For Maglor and Fingolfin, you'd be happy with m/m, f/m, or poly, so you'd tick all of those categories in a third request, and again, explain in optional details exactly what you'd like to see.

Would it be easier on you for me to list what I'm interested in relationship-wise in the optional details and go into more detail in the letter or should I just use the letter?

I don't expect that there will be hundreds of signups, so I'm not expecting the matching to be too hard. (Famous last words!)

I'm totally fine with either - I'll be looking at both, so do whatever's easier for you. :)
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