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So I'm a bit confused about the sign-up form and how matching works. I know it's by character and not relationship, but does signing up for more than one character in specific request mean that those characters are supposed to appear in a fanwork together or are the request groupings random and all relationship stuff (gen or romantic/sexual) go into the optional details or letter? Or is the sign-up form more geared toward differentiating between relationship categories?

For example, if I want a fic involving Elladan, ElrohIr, and Arwen do I put them in Request 1 and stick the rest of the LotR characters I'm interested in gen for in Request 2 or do I list everyone in a single request?

Also, if I'm interested in polyfic from both the Silm and LotR but not involving the same characters, would it be better if I put down Silm--multi and LotR--multi in different requests or if I combine the fandoms and characters in one request dedicated to multi?

And what if there's a relationship I'm interested in f/f for but one of the women is in a relationship but infidelity is a squick-- would it be better to list it under f/f with an optional detail of "please have the man be okay with the relationship" or to list it under multi because it's a poly v relationship?

What if I'm interested in het for a character but his wife isn't listed in the tag set: should I go with het and put down his wife's name in the optional details or should I not list het at all and stick with genfic?
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