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Assignments are out!

Good news, we were all fairly compatible, all 19 of us, and assignments should now be in your inboxes! I hope you like yours - I did review every single match carefully to check that you would be writing/drawing more or less what you wanted to!

Next: please make sure you've finished your letter and posted it to the letters post!

You now have until Sunday, October 9th, to write your story/draw your art. The minimum is 500 words for fic, and at least a nice sketch on unlined paper for art, although you can of course write or draw as much as you want.

Treats are highly encouraged, so please go through the requests to find any that interest you - I know I've got my eye on about half a dozen!

If you would like to ask your recipient any questions about your assignment, I’m happy to send them an email on your behalf, or alternatively if you want, I’m happy for you to contact them anonymously yourself.

Happy writing/drawing!