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Pimp your rare faves thread!

Got a character you'd love to see some fic or art for but they're really obscure?

Tell us all about them here! Link us to any information about them, point us to the appropriate parts of the Legendarium, and/or speculate further about them!

(If you sign up to write one of these characters, the only thing you need to consider is any actual canon information about them, any speculations or headcanons are just for fun.)
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Letters Post

Please add your letters to comments using the code below. Anonymous comments are fine.

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Betas Post

If you would like to volunteer to beta-read stories for this exchange, please add a comment, using the code below.

It's not required to have your fic betaed for this exchange, but if you want to and don't have a regular beta, you can choose one from here.

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After wrestling the tagset into submission (I HOPE) - with many thanks to the nonnie who helped out! - signups are now open.

So this is where the fun begins!

Once you've signed up, write your letter and post it to our letters post, pimp your rare faves, or sign up to be a beta!