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We have a truly amazing tagset and are ready to go for signups

Signups will last until Monday, August 14th, at 3pm (BST). 

You must make a minimum of 3 requests and 4 offers, with a maximum of 10 requests or offers. 

You are able to request and/or offer fandoms multiple times, as long as you request different characters or character groups. (With a tagset containing over 330 Silmarillion tags alone, this shouldn't be hard!) 

You have to request/offer at least one character or character group, and up to 20, per request/offer. 

Remember, relationships are worldbuilding tags. They are not required and will not be matched on, they are just extra information for things you would like to see in the stories/art you receive. 

Requests are visible immediately. 

Have fun! 

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The time has come, well, it's slightly early, but let's do it. Go forth and nominate!

Please check the FAQ for instructions. Nominations will be open until 3pm UTC on 30 July.
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- Fic needs to be a minimum of 500 words.
- Fanart needs to be at least a nice sketch on unlined paper.
- The gift needs to meet the request with regards to at least one character or group of characters the requester has asked for.
- Treats are highly encouraged!
- Please comment on your gift(s).



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