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You are only guaranteed to match on one character (though in reality you'll probably match on several) and your writer/artist only has to include one of your requested characters

So it's best that I include prompts for both the relationship I want and the individual characters? What if I'm only interested in the relationships and don't want fic focused on just one of the characters?

I'll be hand-matching, so I'll be paying attention to optional details/letters.

I hope the hand-matching isn't onerous! Would it be easier on you for me to list what I'm interested in relationship-wise in the optional details and go into more detail in the letter or should I just use the letter? My likes and dislikes will only be in the letter. Oh! Should I also list my DNWs in my "offering to write" section, though they're fairly consistent for reading and writing?

If you want gen only for some characters in a particular 'fandom', then add those characters all together in one request and tick only 'gen'. Same for various kinds of ships.


think putting it under f/f and specifying in optional details that infidelity is something you don't want, and exactly as you word it, please have the husband be okay with the relationship. (It's kind of technically multi by the letter of things, but I think multi kind of implies everyone's involved, and for this scenario that really isn't the case, so f/f's fine.)

Will do. (That's why I asked; it's how I use multi, too, but not everyone does.)

You're fine to request het for a character whose wife isn't in the tagset, just specify in optional details. :)

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